Our Story

The Original Fruit Infuser ™ Company was forged from love. When my mother became diagnosed with breast cancer over 4 years ago it triggered a reaction of fear, concern and upset in me. Why her? Why any of us? What causes this to happen? My research into better health ensued. 

After many hours, days, years – my understanding is that every species on this planet is susceptible of meeting a minimum level of disease threshold before the body just can’t heal itself enough anymore rendering itself vulnerable to disease triggering mechanisms – a myriad of our own unique genetics, environment, and bad habits (especially).

It’s overwhelming to consider all the disease triggering mechanisms, but it helps to remember that the body is always trying to heal itself. All we need to do is help it. It begins from within and results can be seen quickly.

Water helps decrease risk of disease by flushing toxins out of the body. Water is also the most easily obtainable and affordable approach to fighting disease proactively, in America. But water is plain and boring. Flavored water companies insist that you believe they have a solution for your plain water woes, but the reality is some of the ingredients used to make those types of drink enhancers are scientifically proven to be significant disease triggering mechanisms. That’s not a solution, that's a bigger problem. The real solution is real filtered water and real natural food provided by Mother Earth herself.

The Original Fruit Infuser™ water bottle empowers you with the solution to unite disease reversing ingredients together for you to enjoy what they have to offer you – pure, wholesome, natural flavor. I once read that in order to keep sensation appealing that it should be desirably flavorful. So if you can do that with water, why not try?

You now hold the secret to living a higher caliber quality of life - Congratulations. A toast to your good health…


Original Fruit Infuser's Reason for existence!
Abel Alvarez (and Mom)
Founder & CEO of Original Fruit Infuser ™