Citrus Sunshine

Here's a hangover cure you'll want to wake up to

The flavor's like a strawberry tart followed by a smooth backdrop of orange. The robust chamomile will leave you with an interesting aftertaste. 


Prepare this recipe before you head out to party all night, allowing your Citrus Sunshine to infuse overnight in the fridge. 


½ an Orange, typically 5-6 wedges, removed from the rind and sliced.

2-5 Strawberries, fresh or frozen, topped (stem removed), and sliced into quartered pieces.

1 "Strawberra" (silicone tea infuser), stuffed with dry or pre-steeped Chamomile tea leaves. A regular tea bag will work fine too. 

In the morning, as you wake, use the super-antioxidant ingredients to help ease any stomach trouble, replenish achy joints, or help diffuse a splitting headache.


Drink together, along with the remnants of the strawberries and orange slices for best results.


Party On!

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