The Original Fruit Infuser Bundle (Orange)

The Original Fruit Infuser Bundle (Orange)

Comes with

Original Fruit Infuser™ water bottle

• 25 ounce, 750 ML, 7-cm Wide, 21.5-cm Tall
• Made of 100% BPA-free and Phthalate-free, Made in the USA Tritan™ plastic
• Eco-friendly, durable, odor-free, stain-free, non-leaching and reusable
• Wide mouth design to fit ice cubes and for easy refill
• Leak-proof lid with easy twist on-off
• Fits most drink holders
• 2½ bottles satisfies the daily recommended water drinking requirement
• Fits into any lifestyle or fitness regimen: yoga, hiking, camping, commuting, working, play or relaxing at the beach or backyard
• Taking you beyond just water in a very healthy way!

Strawberry-shaped loose leaf tea infuser

...adoringly named as our company mascot; Strawberra - perfect for steeping leaves or tea bags, never worry about weak tea ever again
• Made of 100% FDA food-grade silicone (non-toxic, odorless, stainless & recyclable)
• Portable hot water tea infuser for on the go
• Can be used in teapots, teacups, infuser water bottles, & more
• Adorable design makes for a witty conversation piece with friends
• Works well for large tea leaves or "tagless" tea bags
• Easy water-rinse clean
• It's a delivery device for adding extra antioxidants into your fruit infused recipes!

Neoprene bottle sleeve

...custom sewn bottle cooler (bottle koozie, bottle insulator) provides a comfortable grip, keeps moisture in, and preserves drink freshness 
• 3mm neoprene (wetsuit) material
• Serves as a protective barrier for accidental drops or bang-ups
• Securely stash away gym I.D., driver's license, money or keys in between the bottle & sleeve
• Hands-free "snaphook" clips bottle onto gym bags or backpacks
• Hands-free "finger-loop" can secure bottle at your hip side 
• Drawstring can cinch-in any 20 oz sized bottle
• Protective tote for your bottle with hands free convenience for you!

Fruit Infused Water Recipe eBook: 31 Days to Weight-Loss, Detox, Anti-Aging & So Much More!

• Readable on any device as a PDF, MOBI or EPUB file (installation instructions included)
• Recipes are pictured so you can see cucumber water, lemon water, or watermelon water blends 
• Recipes are made from easy to find fruits and herbs that can also be mixed with coconut water, sparkling seltzer water, club soda, or carbonated water
• Calorie count for each recipe included (ex. "Exfoliating Blend" ingredients contain 24.3 calories per serving)
• Nutritional value for each recipe included (ex. "Minty Mango Mojito" ingredients contain 215 g of Potassium, 34 mg of Vitamin C, 42 mg of Calcium, etc.)
• Detailed appendix of fruit and herb health benefits included (each ingredient is explained how it helps the body)
• Food preparation tips included ("use fresh or frozen", "gently scrunch", "steep for 20 minutes", etc.)
• Tips given on how to select ripe fruit at the best price (ex. "A ripe strawberry will display as a deep red in color with shiny skin. The best time of year to select strawberries is April - September")
• Clickable table of contents that list 31 flavorful, easy to make fruit and herb infused water recipes
• Look Inside -> Kindle Store: B00XMGHZVG
$ 23.99